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May 5, 2008

Two segments, total time: 25:48. The second segment 14:40.

Segment 1: Warm body, cold heart: Barbara Block of Stanford University talks about her research with the bluefin tuna, one of the few fish species to have a warm body. You can see how marine animals are being tracked by going to

Segment 2: Longer, deeper: Andreas Fahlman of the University of British Columbia Marine Mammal Research Unit in Vancouver and Global Diving Research in Ontario explains the physiology that allows mammals such as sea lions to dive so much deeper and for such a long time, compared to humans. You can find a video showing the work of Dr. Fahlman and his colleagues at and more is available at

The theme music you hear at the beginning and end of the show, Body Notes, was composed by APS member Hector Rasgado-Flores and was performed by the San Diego Chamber Orchestra.

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